Friday, October 28, 2005

Baguio Villa

27 October 2005
Baguio City

I'm writing in an internet cafe here in Baguio. We went to Camp John Hay this morning to play paintball! It was so fun. I have something to look forward to in the next province villa. It is a restful time for all of us. No fuzz about academics. But then, all of these are temporary. Work is already waiting as soon as I get back to LHS. Anyway, as long as I enjoyed it here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pananaw ni Juan

Ngayon lang kita nakita

Ang titig ng iyong mga mata,
Buhat tayo’y nagsama.

Hindi ka naman ganyan
Likas kang palatawa.
Mapagkwento at mapagbiro.

Pero sa hapunang ito,
Parang mabigat yata
Ang iyong tinatanto.

Gusto ko sanang mahiga
Sa lupa kong kama.

Pero binabagabag ako,
Sa isang pagbabago.

Ang titig ng iyong mga mata.

May humahagolgol.

Para bagang batang

At nakita kita.
Pulang-pula iyong
Mga mata.

Takot na takot.
Pero panatag pa rin.

Ngayon lang kita nakita,
Ang titig ng iyong mga mata.

Punong-puno ng pagmamahal.
Nag-uumapaw kagaya ng
Iyong luha.

** The disciple John looks on Jesus as he cries. Not fully understanding too, but in bothered by his look.

Monday, October 10, 2005

St. John Marie Vianney

Homily for August 4, 2005
St. Jean Marie Vianney, Curé of Ars

The first time I encountered the name Jean Marie Vianney was in Cagayan de Oro. We all know that the Society has a very important work in northern Mindanao, and that is the formation of diocesan clergy.

I had a co-teacher then who was a regent of St. Jean Marie Vianney Theological Seminary, and I asked him, who is St. Jean Marie Vianney? He answered, ‘the patron of all diocesan priests.’

I would like to assume, that aside from being the patron of diocesan priests, we are quite familiar with the holiness of this man. He was a Frenchman from Lyons, France. Born on May 8, 1786. Died at Ars, France on August 4, 1859. He served as a parish priest for 41 years. Transformed the lives of the people in the town of Ars by his holy examples.

Before ordination, Jean Marie had almost the same predicament as we all are now. He had difficulties in his studies. Difficult it was, that Mathias Loras, one of the most intelligent in the seminary, was assigned to him to teach Latin. Mathias was later on named first bishop of Dubuque in the Americas. One story that Mathias remembered while in the seminary was this. While teaching Jean-Marie Latin, Mathias lost temper for this young man. Latin was most difficult to Jean-Marie that many mistakes were committed. Jean-Marie knelt infront of Mathias and asked for his forgiveness. Mathias was moved by Jean’s reaction, that he never was surprised to hear that Jean as a priest was a holy man.

The town of Ars was not a big town. Nevertheless, worldly pleasures were very rampant. One of the center of this worldliness, and the main target of Jean was the local tavern. Jean Marie sanctified himself while at work in the field or in the house. He showed the people how he lived out what he preached. The people of Ars saw this parish priest as different and slowly emulated him because they could see that his life was an example of holiness. It took ten years to convert the town of Ars. The change was drastic enough that the local taverns closed shop. This change was so noticeable that outsiders started to make pilgrimages to the town of Ars to see this holy man and hear their confessions. Many came to Ars, as his reputation to be a holy confessor spread. Sometimes he would spend 13-15 hours in the confessional. Weeping as the penitent confesses his sins. Together with this, he never loosened his mortifications, which all the more attracted the people who come to him.

What probably attracted the people of Ars and the outsiders about Jean Marie was his familiarity with his God. A familiarity that allowed him to convey to the people Gods’ plan for them. A familiarity that flows in the life of Jean Marie. Shown in his words and deeds. A familiarity that is similar to our gospel reading for today. Where we hear Peter confessing that JC is the messiah. Bible commentaries say that this is not a personal insight or an individual confession, but a view of all the disciples. We can see the familiarity, which either, peter alone or with the other disciples, have towards Jesus. For one to confess that he is the messiah, brings about that such faith in that person. For one does not utter what he does not totally believe in. Whether Peter’s confession is taken as a collective response, does not rule out the fact, that even before this confession is said, the disciples have in fact known him well.

You are the messiah! There is so much faith , so much knowledge, so much familiarity that we hear in this statement. Moreover, in the life of Jean Marie we hear this statement in the kind of life he led. His closeness with his God was his primary method of teaching. Living a life full of faith and familiarity with his God. You are the messiah; one cannot say this without knowing the person well.

If we go back to our SpEx, the grace begged for the whole of 2nd week, was nothing but familiarity with our God. From birth to crucifixion, we are asked to know the heart and mind of our Lord. I remember being instructed to stay with my Lord in the hope that I emulate our Lord’s ways and act as he ought to. A familiarity that we are all invited to. I now invite you brothers, to ask ourselves, how familiar am I with my God? Do I know his heart and mind? Does my action speak of my relationship with my God?

As we celebrate today St. Jean Marie Vianney, we beg the Lord to give us the grace of the 2nd week. The grace which is obvious in the life of Jean Marie. That we too may follow Christ more closely, follow him more nearly and love him more dearly. St. Jean Marie Vianney, pray for us.

Monday, October 03, 2005

IBM thinkpad

Sunday, 02 October 2005
Berchman's study room

Last week, Fr Schneider gave me this IBM thinkpad owned by the late Fr. Benny. I had such high regard for IBM products that I immediately said I am interested on it. I got it from his office and started to fish for the AC adapter of it. I couldn't find one until I asked br. Gabe. It was the correct adapter, 16V,2.2A, perfect. I got it started then saw, lo and behold! A Windows 3.1! The very first OS I ever learned. I was then brought back to room 231, R. N. Pelaez complex of Liceo de Cagayan. It was there that I learned to enter my first username (user12) and password (junix). And the familiar Windows 3.1 boot-up screen displays itself to her bedazzled spectator. It's funny how things like this bring alive once more the yesteryears. Imagine I have journeyed that far already. Kids now, wouldn't know the joy of seeing the evolution of the very first Windows to the current whatever versions you got there. Perhaps, Bill Gates and companions' vision before, was to make things easier for those who are still using the green monitored computers, to make things a little entertaining. That was before they thought of evil things like creating versions of Windows with embedded bugs just to make us buy the newest versions or supports. Gone are those days of pure joy and pride of using Windows 3.1. Everybody now seems to compete to the newest, fadest and fastest laptop.

I still haven't found a use for this laptop. There are still sensitive files that which I have to consult with my superior. But then again, whether I get to use it or not, the experience of finding it and resurrecting it from the dead made me reminisce my past which I am proud of.