Saturday, April 15, 2006

First Time

Last 10 April 2006, I had my first operation (not including the circumcision). I had my apendix removed. It was 2:00AM, I got up to turn off the electric fan. I noticed I had a weird tummy feeling. I thought it was just a gas spasm. I usually have gas spasm when I leave the electric fan on for the rest of the night.

I went down to drink some soda. It helps me in burping. But, nothing happened, the pain was still there. I took a cup of coffee, nothing happened. I went back to my room and poured some ointment on my tummy. I was trying to massage it a little bit, hoping that the gas would go up to my esophagus.

It was 4:00AM and my tummy hurt so much. I went down to the Infirmary, hoping people would give me something to ease the pain. My doctor was called and had a suspicion I wasn't only experiencing gas pain.

While waiting for the first set of medicine to take effect, I vomitted most of the food I ate the night before. It was so painful, especially when there was nothing to vomit anymore.

8:00AM. Robbie was observing me in the office. He was trying to push some parts of my tummy. And it was then I realized that my right side was hurting. They tried to raise my right leg and it was painful. This was the time, that I thought I might have an acute apendicitis.

While this was going on, I was cursing my doctors, Robbie and Atoy, for not giving me any pain killers.

They finally transported me to The Medical City at 9:00AM. They asked for a CBC and a Urinalysis. When UTI was ruled-out and blood results indicated an infection, they immediately admitted me in.

They scheduled me for a 3:00PM surgery. I went into the pre-operating room at 2:30PM. I had my first sedative at 2:45PM and finally my spinal anesthesia at around 2:50PM. They operated on me until 4:30PM. I knew because I was partially aware when they transferred me from the operating table to the stretcher. From then on, I was in the recovery room until 8:00PM. Fr. Jboy and my nurse was there to greet me.

That was how I got my first time. Now, I'm back here in LHS, I'm still in deep pain!

(to be continued)

Sunday, April 02, 2006

One Year Ago

One year ago, my path was green,
My footsteps light, my brow serene;
Alas! And could it have been so
One year ago?

I trodded my past,
With promises to last,
Confident of the past
And could it have been so
One year ago?

I opened this treasure chest,
My very best,
But found nothing but an empty nest.
That was a year ago.

Such was my state of being
On that lovely evening,
One year ago.

Painful and true,
There’s nothing else I can do,
But pick up the pieces and start anew.

Slowly, -- they fill,
This treasure chest.
In packets called
Essays, poems and stories
Otherwise known as

There came a day,
A year ago
When I thought I had none, but
Alas! That was a year ago.

*this was written as my last piece in my English Grammar class. This is also dedicated to the one who helped me a lot in my humbling experience in the Juniorate program, Dr. Marlu Vilches. The title and the first paragraph was written by Walter Savage Landor, 1846.