Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Now really, who did not, fell asleep at least at some parts of the movie? Especially those of us who has read (and re-read) the book. I know I did, not only once but twice. I am not a movie critic but this what I am about to say are based on how I see the movie.

Tom Hanks: I have seen Tom Hanks in other movies and he was great for the role. He has this look that is almost perfect for the other roles. However, I think he was so un-exciting in this one. I mean, the movie was already slow, and he appeared to be moving with the speed of the movie as well, all the more lulling me to sleep.

Here's another point which I share with one of my brothers: the movie had some very talky scenes. Which I don't remember because I was already very much asleep.

Interestingly, I would rather go back and re-read the book rather than see the movie. All this hype of it being able to shake our faith, has done nothing but turn me into a movie critic. It was that bad I suppose, that I can write it down as one of the forgettable movies. If it were not only for Tom Hanks, my familiarity with the story and other characters, it would end up on my 'not-to-see-again' list.

I thought the movie would incite a discussion among the laity, but it did not. I though it would be a time to re-educate people into our Catholic faith. But it has not turned it that way. I suppose all those discussions on the ANC channel were wasted airtime.

This is all I'm going to say after all this: Don't waste your money on the movie. This is one of those movie you can rent after you had a break-up or just got hacked from your job. Go spend the money on X-Men 3.