Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's the time of the year

Yes, it is the time of the year when I try to write something. Either profound or downright corny. It is the start of the classes once more. My first semester did not start until the second day, when 3 out of my 5 Philosophy courses are lumped. Shall we start with understanding how we understand a word with Epistemology with Dr. Angeles or do we want to swim into the minds of the modern Philosophers who believe anything can come from anything of Mr. Mariano or do you want to be ethically correct with Dr. Reyes' Foundations of Moral Value? I had such a long day that I went to bed and slept until 8pm after my last class. I don't know what to expect tomorrow as I pursue Political Philosophy with Mr. Kaelin from 6-9pm (!) on a Friday night! You see, I so want to end this year, however with the comprehensive exam 9 months from now, I do not know as to how my year would end. It is making me nervous and anxious of the future. I can only prepare so much.

On another thought, this is also the time of the year where I join a new community. A new group of brothers who will accompany us through this year. We recently welcomed our new Juniors, the holiest amongst us here. I'd say we will have fun (but again, this is a disposition we all can choose) this year. To Madz, Patrick, Jon, Jovan and Noel, welcome to LHS!

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